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Bookie Adekanye

A certified Counselor and Author of the book,
‘Happily Whenever After’ I create connections, community, and content for single ladies aged 30+ years like myself, to help them find happiness and fulfillment whether or not they end up in a marriage or romantic relationship.

My Books

Happily Whenever After

In her sassy, down-to-earth style, Bookie answers all those questions you secretly wonder about:

  • How do you manage sexual desire?
  • If I’m successful, will I intimidate suitors?
  • What are my options if I want children?

In this book, you’ll be inspired by other single women’s journeys. Hilariously relatable moments encourage you that you’re not in this alone. You’ll find biblical encouragement, practical advice, opportunities to reflect, and creative exercises to empower you to build your best life now.

Book launches officially  November 8, 2022.


In a compelling and bold manner, Bookie Adekanye addresses pertinent and real issues that are peculiar to mature single ladies, not only within the African space but also from the context of spirituality

Bisi Adebayo

“Fantastic! This is definitely not your everyday read . I recommend this book for everyone! it is fresh, inspiring, relatable with insight into the word of God and His plans for us”

Ibilola Akinla

“Happily Whenever After has blessed me beyond measure! It infused laughter with penetrating questions and exercises that disarmed and located me along my journey through each chapter.” 

Vickie Mitchell

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If you’ve ever wondered if it’s possible to overcome loneliness, break ceilings and live the best version of your life as a single lady, then you’re in the right place and your journey of discovery starts now!​