OFF-THE-SHELF ITEM? Dangers of Match Making

I have had quite unpleasant match-matching experiences, and that’s putting it mildly. In fact, I could call them ‘match-making woes’. Each time I’ve narrated them, they have always elicited two different responses from the listeners without fail- they would choke with laughter at some point into the narration, and have their jaws to the ground […]

Five types of Single Women

Recently, I listened to the audio version of Jane Austen’s ‘PRIDE AND PREJUDICE’ and I was reminded again that the pressure that comes with late marriage is both universal and primeval. My book  ‘HAPPILY WHENEVER AFTER’ brings it closer home and dissects the dynamics of what that might look like in African societies. I have […]

A Time to Grow

A couple of years ago, I was thinking about my life and my career which had spanned 15years. I had learnt so much, I had grown, I had experimented a lot, but I suddenly found myself in a rut, and it seemed like all those years of learning, growing, and adventuring didn’t count anymore.  I […]

The Mature Single Lady

Sometime in 2013, I was invited by a group on Facebook to share my experience of being a mature single lady (MSL). An MSL in this context is a lady who is aged 30+ and single. This gave birth to the ‘Diaries of a mature single lady’ which I wrote under a pseudonym. Prior to […]

The Pursuit of Happiness…

Recently, I stumbled on this book cover of a french novel the title “J’ai trouve le bonheur… il etait en moi” written by Marie-Laure Cuzaq. The title is translated “I FOUND HAPPINESS…. IT WAS IN ME” And this really accentuates my thoughts over the last couple of weeks. As I began counting down to forty, […]

The Bridesmaids List

Like most girls, I started planning my wedding a looooooong time ago! I had a list of people who could be my chief bridesmaid: friends, cousins, colleagues, etc. We had promised each other, “If you marry before me, I’d be your chief bridesmaid, and if I marry before you, you’d be mine…blah blah blah”. It […]

What if there’s no “Happily Ever After”?

Recently, I was confronted me with one of the hardest questions I’ve ever tried to answer. just a short while before then, I was having a conversation with a friend who’s been trying for a baby and not quite coping well with the situation. I was quite concerned about her and asked her the hard […]

Why you are not yet Married

It’s quite an irony that a question as simple, and perhaps innocent as this could be very unsettling and embarrassing for a single lady. In recent years,  I have reconnected with old school mates, friends or acquaintances who usually can’t hide their surprise that I am unmarried. They ask questions like – “is it that […]

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